Automotive Battery Chargers – Be Equipped at All Times

I must admit, I was not always smart when it came to road trips. My wife and I once planned a road trip down to Orlando, Florida from where we live in Upper Darby, PA. My brother offered to help with the driving. The trip was around 1000 miles just one way! A few weeks before I got my car ready for the trip with a tire rotation and oil change. The technician at the shop even filled up my tires with nitrogen. He said this allows the tire pressure to stay constant in the summer and winter months, unlike regular oxygen.

At the time of the trip things were tight and we really had to budget. So we actually drove without a spare tire. Fortunately, the ride was all smooth and we had at great time. But please don’t follow this example. I will make sure not to be unequipped like that again.

I always keep emergency tools in the trunk of my car. My portable battery charger has great features that helped me countless times. It has a built-in air compressor for my car tires. It saves me from going to to gas station to maintain my tire pressure and also has its own pressure gauge. This automotive battery charger also has a emergency light source. These are just some of the things to think about so you can be fully equipped.

Even though we had a full roadside assistance package, I would not go on a trip like that without a spare tire. Even if you have AAA I recommend keeping keeping a tool box, flashlight, spare tire, working jack lift and at least jumper cables (if you don’t have an a portable battery jump starter). If you have any other recom

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